Authorities seek urgent repair of potholes in Jammu

Authorities seek urgent repair of potholes in Jammu
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Jammu, Sep 8: Deputy Commissioner, Sachin Kumar Vaishya, chaired a meeting to address the issues of road potholes and ‘black spots’ within the district.

With the ending of monsoon season, the DC has called for expeditious execution of repair works. He set a firm deadline, stipulating that all necessary repairs must be successfully completed by the end of the current month.

The Deputy Commissioner asked to start the work from city and town areas immediately and follow the suit in the peripheral areas.

Concerned officers from the Public Works Department updated the meeting that tenders have been issued and allocations made for the impending repair tasks. The departmental functionaries assured that the requisite repair work would commence soon.

The Traffic Police pledged support for efficient execution of the repairs, promising to facilitate traffic diversions whenever necessary to expedite the roadwork.

Addressing another vital aspect of this operation, the Deputy Commissioner stressed the importance of bitumen plant owners keeping pace with the demand of the repair work. It was made clear that their cooperation was paramount for the successful execution of the repairs. Similarly, the Deputy Commissioner imposed a stringent deadline for the removal of poles that had been left unattended by the JPDCL. Additionally, the matter of relocating and properly managing electricity lines and internet fibre cables was thoroughly discussed.

In this regard, the Deputy Commissioner issued instructions to all relevant stakeholders, urging them to promptly eliminate these obstructions, all the while ensuring that their actions do not result in any further inconvenience to the general public.

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