Damaged during 2014 floods, Drungli Nallah bridge awaits repair

Damaged during 2014 floods, Drungli Nallah bridge awaits repair

People are up in arms against the government for failing to repair the Drungli nallah bridge—which was damaged during 2014 floods.

The vital bridge is located on a busy road between Poonch and Poonch Mandi and is awaiting its repair with people facing immense hardships.

Locals of the area said that Drungli Nallah bridge is the main connecting link between Poonch district and Mandi tehsil headquarter with Mandi tehsil comprising thickly populated areas including Mandi, Loran, Saujiyan.

"The bridge also connects areas of Chandak, Kalai and Nangali with Poonch town," locals further said adding that it awaits repair since past seven years after it was partially damaged in flash floods.

"At present, a temporary bridging structure attached by the army with the main bridge is facilitating the movement of vehicles." they further said.

Pertinent to mention here that on September 4 in 2014, the bridge received damage in one of the pillars as well its structures due to flash floods.

"Since then, the bridge was shut for vehicular traffic and people were forced to move towards Chandak Kalai old bridge to reach Poonch, after commuting an extra distance of over 22 kilometres." the locals said. Only after several weeks of being damaged, the locals said, the army laid a temporary bridging structure on the damaged part, restoring movement of vehicles on the bridge.

However, the damaged part of the main cemented structure is yet to be repaired.

District President of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Moment Rhydampreet Singh termed it unfortunate and sad state of affairs that such a vital bridge is yet to be repaired even after seven years. Deputy Commissioner Poonch Rahul Yadav said that the highway between Jammu Poonch is to be upgraded and this bridge has been included in this upgrade. "Work on this bridge will start with the start of highway upgrade," said the Deputy Commissioner.

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