DDC Jammu presses for skill gap surveys

Jammu, Sep 26: In a meeting chaired by District Development Commissioner, Sachin Kumar Vaishya, the progress of the skill development sector in the district was thoroughly reviewed today.

The DDC emphasised the importance of conducting surveys to identify skill gaps among the unemployed lot. The surveys should focus on specific areas and demographics to pinpoint where and which skill-trainings and capacity building measures are most needed, he said.


The meeting also emphasised the significance of empowering women, especially in rural areas through skill development initiatives. Special attention was given to strategies for border areas, recognising their unique challenges and opportunities.

To enhance the impact of the skill development schemes, the DDC assured increased involvement of the district administration. The attendees were assigned the task of independently surveying the regions of the district to determine specific skill needs and demands. Subdivision-wise and tehsil-wise surveys were mandated to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the region’s requirements.

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