Guns fall silent on LoC, uncertainty prevails

Guns falling silent on the Line of Control (LoC) in Pir Panchal and in other areas of Jammu region has brought respite for the people.
Guns fall silent on LoC, uncertainty prevails
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Guns falling silent on the Line of Control (LoC) in Pir Panchal and in other areas of Jammu region has brought respite for the people.India and Pakistan armies exchanging heavy gunfire for more than a week had led to the border residents deserting their homes and moving to safer places.

An analyst while talking to Greater Kashmir said, "The reported surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army across Line of Control (LoC) had triggered war hysteria. It looked like that war is inevitable but that phase has fizzled out much to the relief of residents."

He said, "People of Pir Panchal region, especially those who have been staying in the forward villages near the LoC, have witnessed testing times. They had heaved a sigh of relief during the tenure of the former Pakistan President General Parvez Musharaff, who declared unilateral ceasefire in 2003. His gesture was reciprocated by the India. Both the countries calling for the truce had ended the miseries of the border people to a great extent."

"Many years have passed since Musharaff called it quits. After the end of Musharaff's tenure Indo-Pak relations have not been that warm. During the past few years ties between both the countries have touched a new low with ceasefire violations being a routine," the analyst added.

A Kashmir watcher said, "The war hysteria which had gripped India in last week of September has died down. Had the euphoria continued for some more time we could have seen the large displacement of people from different areas."

He said, "Before 2003 Indian and Pakistani armies had planted hundreds of landmines on the borders and these caused many causalities on both the sides of the LoC and people living in forward areas were the worst sufferers."

"Whenever India and Pakistan armies have fought with each other the shells fired from both the sides have landed in the civilian areas. Getting dislocated has been the destiny of the people living in frontier areas," he added.

Pertinently, soon after the PDP-BJP government came into power, it promised the people living near the LoC that they would be provided 5 to 7 maralas land at least 10 kilometres away from the LoC so that in turbulent times they can shift to the safer areas. Recent skirmishes between Indo-Pak armies has brought the issue of providing land to border dwellers once again into focus.

"Soon after the Indo-Pak armies resorted to cross firing on LoC the local politicians left no stone unturned to turn derive the political mileage from the catastrophe. They rushed to the border areas and promised moon and stars to the people and launched scathing attacks at each other. Now the guns have fallen silent. It's a golden opportunity for politicians to stress upon the government to provide the border residents with temporary shelters like bunkers and work on the proposal to provide them with a few marlas of land where they can set up their make shift homes during crisis as no one can predict when another round of firing will breakout between both the armies. Fragile peace is giving sleepless nights to one and all," said an analyst.

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