Jambu Zoo likely to bring lion, tigers, sloth bears by September

Manda Zoo converted into rescue centre for wild animals
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Jammu, Aug 20: The Wildlife Department is likely to bring lion, tiger and other wild species from across the country to the Jambu Zoo, located at the foothills of Shivalik alongside Srinagar Jammu National highway at Khanpur-Nagrota in Jammu district.

Meanwhile, the authorities have almost relocated all the animals from Manda Zoo to the Jambu Zoo.

Following relocation of the majority of wild animals, the Manda Zoo has been closed for visitors since August 15, 2023. Now, it has been converted into a rescue centre for the wild animals.

Additional Wildlife Warden, Jambu Zoo, Amit Sharma told Greater Kashmir, “We are in talks with the authorities in Maharashtra and other states for the pairs of tigers, sloth bears, marsh crocodiles and Gharials. Similarly, we are constantly in touch with the authorities in Gujarat to bring one pair of lions; blackbucks from Delhi zoo and other wild Indian species to the Jambu Zoo.”

“Some of these wild animals would hopefully be brought to the Jambu Zoo by the end of this month or the first week of September because the temperature would be then suitable for them (wild animals),” he said.

Besides, around 40 spotted deer were in Manda Zoo and they were being relocated to the Jambu Zoo gradually, he added.

“We have shifted over 10 spotted deer to the Jambu Zoo. Presently, the temperature is spiralling due to which their relocation is taking time,” Sharma said.

As per officials, Jambu Zoo remains open for the visitors or tourists for eight to nine hours a day and all the emergency protocols are being followed.

There are around 45 security personnel; 18 animal keepers; 24 sanitation workers in Jambu Zoo and all of them are outsourced employees. On the other hand, two range officers, and one guard remain stationed at the zoo. Presently, the Jambu Zoo has two leopards, black bears and other local species.

The visitors are advised not to enter the area of wildlife animals and stay at the footpath or walking path, constructed all along the zoo. “We have battery autos for the visitors, but they avoid going on foot beyond the point where these vehicles cannot go. The visitors should visit the entire zoo and see the species,” the officials added.

Meanwhile, the authorities in Manda Zoo have closed it for visitors or tourists since August 15, 2023.

Manda zoo - established in 1982, close to Hari Palace along old Srinagar Jammu National Highway in the peripheral area of Jammu city - has been converted into a rescue centre for the wild animals. “Here they will be provided with medical care and will be released thereafter in wild areas by the wildlife department,” Wildlife Warden, Anil Kumar Atri told Greater Kashmir.

He said, “As almost all the animals have been relocated to the Jambu Zoo hence Manda Zoo has been shut. August 15 was the last day for the tourists to visit it. Now the tourists should visit the Jambu Zoo to see the wild animals.”

 “With the opening of the Jambu Zoo at Khanpur, we have shifted animals from here (Manda). As there is no display of animals here, the department has decided to close Manda Zoo for the public or visitors,” he stated.

“We had five species of deer; leopards; bears; snakes and other animals. They have been shifted to the Jambu Zoo. In Manda, we have kept rescued or injured animals and they are under treatment. They are under observation till their recovery and then, they will be released in the wild,” he said.

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