Jammu aspirations will never be compromised: Rana

Jammu aspirations will never be compromised: Rana
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Jammu, Sep 1: Reiterating that there will be no compromise on Jammu’s distinct aspirations, senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today said the UT of J&K is witnessing a discernible transformation on socio-economic and development fronts with the people feeling hugely empowered.

According to a press release, he was Interacting with the various delegations and individuals from across the region during the weekly public hearing at the BJP headquarters at Trikuta Nagar here along with Veenu Khanna, BJP State Secretar. Rana referred to the sense of empowerment being felt post political developments of August 5, 2019 by the people of Jammu region, irrespective of religion and caste, who had suffered a long spell of ignominy and discrimination due to mis-governance of the elite political class.

“The Jammu interest, like other parts of the Union Territory, will always remain equally sacrosanct,” Rana said, adding that there is no question of undermining the interests of Jammu as the BJP is committed to fulfill the urges and aspirations of the people of this region. He dwelt in detail about the developmental initiatives across the region and said that Jammu is all set to become the most developed city of northern India in next five years. He also referred to the coming up of infrastructure, especially the IIT, IIM and AIIMs on a fast track basis.

The BJP leader referred to the new dawn of peace and normalcy in Kashmir and said this has hovered darkness of wilderness over the political enterprise of the PDP, Congress and the National Conference that did no good to people of Jammu and Kashmir during the past over seven decades except inflicting miseries upon them. “They always played the politics of obstruction and benefitted from the cult of violence. Now that the dream of the people across the Union Territory stands realized in terms of huge transformation, large scale development, politico-economic empowerment and end of stone throwing and hartal culture, these elite political outfits find themselves irrelevant in the J&K politics,” he added.

Rana said the people of Jammu and Kashmir wanted a change in the stereo-type political management which had thus far remained the exclusive domain of the selected few and benefitted the elite political class alone. This is happening now. The change is the essence of democracy and the people here too want devolution of power to enable them to shape their socio-economic destiny. He reiterated the BJP stands guarantee to equitable opportunities of progress and development, as also equal role in decision making, to all the regions and the sub-regions, which is discernible now in immense measure.

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