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Repair SainiMohalla’s drainage system

We, the residents of GolePanjeer, SainiMohalla Ward No 32 of Jammu are suffering on account of the damaged drainage system. Our area comes under the jurisdiction of the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC). The dirt and silt along with drain water from the drainage system passing through our fields can be seen leaking and overflowing. This directly finds its way to the fields, damaging the productive land. The majority of the agricultural land is damaged by this poor drainage system, causing great losses to the farmers as well as other residents. Not only fields, but it has also become a nuisance for all of us as our lanes and by-lanes remain full of dirt and silt. Damaged drains not only emanate foul smells but also house flies and mosquitoes. As it has become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, the residents remain susceptible to dengue, malaria, and other related diseases. We have many times appealed to the JMC but so far no step has been taken by the authorities in this regard. Several times, the delegations of residents met the concerned authorities but they have failed to repair and renovate the drainage system. We yet again request the JMC to do the needful and redress our long-pending grievance.

Gourav Sharma

Release funds for border road infrastructure

We, the residents of GopalaChak in Hiranagar of Kathua district, are craving the attention of concerned authorities towards our dilapidated roads. The works under Border Area Development Programme (BADP) have not received adequate funds from the government for the last four years. The funds, which were released, were not adequate. Hence, most of the works remained incomplete during this period. Though most of the rural roads have more or less the same story, yet a road in GopalaChak in block Marheen has been awaiting its completion for the last four years for want of funds. Despite repeated appeals, the funds have not been released. As a consequence of this, developmental activities have suffered badly in border villages. Whenever we approach the concerned authorities, they claim that they have not received grants. Even the last installment for works initiated after the first ‘Back to Village’ programme has also not been received by the people. At Ward No 1, GopalaChak, the work was done but the installment was not issued. The labour payment for the MGNREGA works in progress during the last four years is being made but the payment against material is still awaited. We appeal to the concerned authorities to release adequate funds in time to redress this grievance.

Ram Lal

NaibSarpanch, GopalaChak

Implement Satwari Cantonment sewerage project

We, the inhabitants of Satwari Cantonment, are confronting a major development deficit. For the last five years, the sewerage issue has emerged as a major nuisance in absence of a proper outlet or drainage system. This is a major cause of concern for the inhabitants inside the cantonment, having a population of 30,000. Our representatives in the Cantonment Board meeting had suggested a sewerage project to be implemented for Rs 56 crore. However, the Ministry of Defence rejected the board’s proposal asking the Cantonment Board members to take up developmental issues with the concerned authorities of the J&K administration. Taking a cue from this direction, we tried to contact the concerned authorities but so far did not get any favourable response. Since our issue was related to sewerage, it was to be resolved by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC). The elected corporators are issued funds by the corporation for development purposes but our cantonment here again was neglected. For PHE-related works, we approached the Executive Engineer PHE Rural. However, here too our plans and projects were not considered. Finally, we decided to meet Deputy Commissioner Jammu but were told that there was no head under which funds could be released. We request the concerned authorities to look into our issues and address them at the earliest.

Jatinder Singh Lucky

Ex-VC Satwari

Cantonment Board

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Improve road connectivity in Mankote, Keriya, Kotranka

We, the residents of Mankote, Pathanmorha-Keriya, and Kotranka seek the attention of concerned authorities towards the poor road connectivity in our areas. Work on a large number of roads was initiated under different schemes in rural areas. However, the majority of such roads have yet to be completed. As roads are lying incomplete, the dream of people to have road connectivity at their doorsteps has been shattered. Pathanmorha to Keriya road, the project of which is under execution by PWD, has been lying half-blacktopped for around a decade now. The incomplete road is awaiting macadamisation but the authorities are simply unmoved despite repeated requests. Similarly, the construction work on the road from Mankoteschool to BaniMohalla via Shiv Parivar cave was started by PWD three years ago. However, to date, even road cutting work has not been completed. Now the work has been stalled due to a delay in funding. The work on the road from Kotranka subdivision headquarters to Khawas tehsil was sanctioned under CRF three years ago. The work was earlier going at a snail’s pace. But now almost all the work has been abandoned. While in the majority of the cases, non-availability of funds has stalled the works, in a few cases, the work has not been initiated for want of administrative approval. We appeal to the authorities to focus on these areas and redress our grievances.

Residents of Mankote, Keriya, Khawas

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