'Jammu & Kashmir an example of composite culture'

N. N Vohra & Ghulam Nabi Azad laud Sarhad Pune and Pran Kishore Kaul's efforts
'Jammu & Kashmir an example of composite culture'
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New Delhi Sept 4: “I hail from the state of Jammu & Kashmir which is a land of tremendous inspiration and richest heritage. A great author like Pran Kishore Kaul is a unique symbol of the genius mindset of the Kashmiri people and will be always a guiding force for the generations to come. When the politics of the country has become bitter and relations between political parties now resemble warring nations, I will soon come up with a program of national, social and cultural unity. Whether Hurriyat or RSS, the life-related problems and questions are common and must be fought without discrimination, "said former J&K CM, Ghulam Nabi Azad at the launch of Sahitya Akademi awardee Pran Kishore Kaul’s novel “Moon of the Saffron Fields: The Legend of Habba Khatoon”.

Azad dwelt on J&K’s composite culture, its historical importance and relevance in modern socio-political conditions. On this occasion, held at India International Center, former governor of J&K and Padma-Vibhushan awardee Mr N.N. Vohra, Author Pran Kishore Kaul, Poet-author Prof. Shafi Shauq, actor and art-historian Mr Avtar Mota, founder-president of Sarhad Mr Sanjay Nahar and Educationist Dr Shailesh Pagariya were present.

Azad said Sarhad has done tremendous constructive social work in Kashmir despite various obstacles. "Sarhad has arranged to educate terror-affected youth at their college in Pune. Sarhad has conducted hundreds of programs from Chenab valley to Kargil and has tried hard to bring Kashmiri culture into the mainstream. When I was the Chief Minister, they worked in the earth-quake-affected regions despite facing many difficulties. I stood by them in every circumstance because I was aware that this is the only organization that has true love and affection for Kashmiri people and always did everything possible for their well-being, " he said.

Nahar has published hundreds of books that depict the life and history of Kashmir and now the present publication of “Moon of the Saffron Fields: The Legend of Habba Khatoon”, a symbol of Kashmir’s composite culture will definitely rekindle the ethos of Kashmiri mindset prone to the cultural and national unity and will become a guiding lighthouse for the country, he added.

On the occasion, former J&K Governor N N Vohra said, “Novel based on the life of legendary ascetic-poetess Habba Khatun written by 96-year-old veteran master-writer Pran Kishore Kaul is in itself, an act of tribute to the rich heritage of Kashmir". He also lauded Sarhad's efforts as a wonderful piece of literature. The age-old cultural unity and its values are well depicted in this book.

In his opening speech, Sarhad’s founder-president; Mr Sanjay Nahar said, “Sarhad has attempted to enhance people of Jammu & Kashmir and their understanding with rest of the nation so that true brotherhood can be strengthened. Mr Pran Kishore Kaul’s book, published by Sarhad, is a step ahead in this direction among many.”

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