Now, police verification must for private school teachers, other staff

The school education department has asked private schools to seek police verification from people seeking teaching and non-teaching job in these educational institutions.

The orders in this regard have been issued by the secretary school education department in wake of High Court directions to issue guidelines for school management for safety of students.

“School management shall compulsorily insist upon police verification certificate with antecedents and address verification while appointing or hiring teachers, physical instructors, laboratory technicians, drivers and other staff including the security,” reads the circular issued by secretary school education department on December 27.

“The onus of safety and security of school children in school campus shall solely lie upon the school authorities,” the circular reads.

The government has also instructed the school managements to ensure that no student is handed over to anyone except parents or those authorized by the parents.

“Also, no minor female students shall be left alone with male staff member and school management should install sufficient CCTV cameras on its premise and also facing road, entry, exit and peripheral points,” the circular reads.

The government has also asked the private school principals to personally authorize custody of the child to a female teacher until parent arrives. Besides, the school authorities have been asked to ensure separate male and female students “and both are at some distance from each other.”

“Management of private schools should appoint security guards both male and female for deployment at entrance and exit gates during school hours,” the circular reads.

The government has also instructed the school management to involve security guard for conducting inspection of entire premises including classrooms after closure of institutions.

“School management should send a circular to the parents of wards who are using private vehicles or any other form of transport to obtain a certificate of conduct and antecedents along with proper address of the drivers and conductors,” reads the circular.

The school authorities have been instructed to sensitize the areas within the school premises. “Classrooms play fields, canteens and corridors should be regularly monitored and any unauthorized person found loitering should be questioned for his presence.”

The school managements have been asked to appoint staff members as vigilance monitors on rotation basis besides setting up internal vigilance committee comprising of staff parents and education department officials to discuss the issues concerning the deficiencies in security and other related matters.

“School authorities should nominate coordinator for parents to inform them about their concern and should hold meetings with teaching and non-teaching staff to discuss issues concerning safety of children,” the circular reads.

The government has also asked the school management to take attendance of children at the time of opening and closure of schools as well.

“And in case any student is found missing the matter should be brought into the notice of parents and police authorities,” the circular states.

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