PM Modi not to allow impediments blocking India’s progress: Kavinder

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Jammu, July 7: Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta on Friday asserted that the spirit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was indomitable and no hurdle could stop him from achieving goals set for India’s progress.

In a statement issued to the press, the BJP leader praised the Prime Minister for conquering adversaries both external and internal with conviction, and steering the country to pinnacle of progress. He said, “It is PM Modi’s dynamism and target achievement that today all the superpowers carefully listen to what India has to say. Conventionally the enemy number one of the country—Pakistan used to spread terror in Indian territory but PM’s strong will-power forced it to come to terms especially after surgical strikes and Balakot attack.”

He said that the same way the dexterous Prime Minister overcame the ploys by the opposition parties and emerged victorious out of “all the conspiracies crafted for his political decimation.” He said, “PM Modi is unconquerable in principle and by now all the opposition parties have decided to come together to fight him (Modi) in upcoming polls. The way the country is touching the pinnacle of progress under PM Modi, it is for sure that he has the potential to overcome all the hurdles coming in the way of the country's journey towards development.”

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