PMDP Projects | Govt Departments asked to expedite physical progress to evade foreclosure
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PMDP Projects | Govt Departments asked to expedite physical progress to evade foreclosure

Jammu, Aug 29: J&K government has directed all the concerned administrative departments to expedite the physical and financial progress in respect of PMDP projects to complete them in time to avoid foreclosure by the Centre.

The directive, in the form of caution, has come from the Principal Secretary Finance department Santosh D Vaidya in the wake of foreclosure of a PMDP project, being implemented by the Horticulture department, after it could not be completed, despite getting two extensions.

Vaidya issued these directions while reviewing physical and financial progress achieved under Prime Minister’s Development Package (PMDP) projects being implemented in the UT of J&K, in a meeting held on August 25, 2023.

During the meeting, it was informed that the PMDP project, which was being implemented by the Horticulture Department, was closed on March 31, 2023 by the Ministry because already two extensions were given. “The ministry has conveyed that residual left out works or activities may be accommodated in the regular Annual Plan of UT within the approved outlay in a phased manner,” Vaidya was told by officials.

While taking cognizance of the matter, Vaidya reiterated that since more and more extensions from the Government of India were not possible, therefore, all the departments might expedite the physical or financial progress in respect of PMDP projects so that the schemes were completed in time and not foreclosed by the Ministry as happened in case of Horticulture Department.

“This ultimately deprives the Union Territory of additional resources which are presently available under PMDP,” he noted with concern.

During the meeting, it was informed that there were 53 projects which were being implemented in the UT of J&K. “Out of them, 18 projects were directly implemented by the concerned Ministries of Government of India. Remaining 35 projects are being implemented by the UT of J&K. Out of 35 UT projects, 13 projects have been completed and nine are substantially completed. Further 7 projects have been targetted to be completed during the current financial year and 6 projects will spill over and will be completed during 2024-25 and beyond,” Director General, Development Expenditure Division-II stated while giving details about physical or financial progress achieved in respect of PMDP projects.

Vaidya also asked all the concerned departments to expedite the submission of Utilization Certificates to their respective Ministries in the Government of India.

“Further Budget Division shall release Rs 1.50 Cr in favour of Tourism Department which has been kept in civil deposits by the Tourism department so that they are able to utilize the funds against work done claims and submit Utilization Certificates to Ministry of Tourism, Government of lndia,” he ordered all PMDP implementing administrative departments, Budget division (Finance department).

Vaidya said that the concerned departments, whose PMDP schemes were reimbursable and had already spent the money out of the kitty of J&K government, but the money was still not released by the Centre, would claim their installment from Government of India so that the amount was reimbursed to the Finance Department. Further, the Department of Disaster Management Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction would claim the amount from the respective Ministry which had already been spent.

It was observed that many Departments were yet to claim the balance amount from the respective Ministries in Government of India. “This needs to be worked out and the balance money which has not been released yet by the Centre against sanctioned cost be sought and the matter may be vigorously followed with concerned Ministry,” he directed.

During the meeting, it was informed that a provision of Rs 50 Cr was kept as Matching Share for Power Development but the requirement of the Department was 100 Cr against the Central Share allocated during the current financial year under PMDP.

“Budget Division shall release matching shares of Rs 100 Cr in respect of Power Development Department and also release Matching Share in respect of other departments as and when required on case-to- case basis, particularly in such cases where the release of central share is held up for want of matching share,” Vaidya ordered.

“It was observed that many departments implementing PMDP projects have unspent amounts with them which needs to be utilized expeditiously so that they are able to claim fresh installment of funds from Government of India,” he directed.

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