Police help nomadic community sell milk in Samba

Police help nomadic community sell milk in Samba

On the initiative of police, a Jammu-based dairy plant on Saturday agreed to buy milk from sellers, especially the nomadic community living in different parts of Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir, amid the nationwide lockdown.

The decision of SuryaMilk Plant came as a big relief to the milk sellers of Vijaypur, Samba andGhagwal who were facing a lot of difficulty to sell their product due to theongoing lockdown, a police spokesman said.

"Due to difficulty inselling milk, they (nomads) were facing a hard time and were unable to arrangefodder for their livestock. Police discussed the matter with Jammu-based milkplants and sorted out their problem with Surya Milk Plant agreeing to buy themilk from the sellers of Vijaypur, Samba and Ghagwal areas," the spokesmansaid.

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