Rana decries ‘slanderous campaign’ against Sanatan Dharma

Rana decries ‘slanderous campaign’ against Sanatan Dharma
Photo: Bhartiya Janta Party

Jammu, Sep 9 : Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today expressed anguish over the new trend of “maligning Sanatan Dharma for realising political objectives.”

He said those indulging in such slanderous campaigns are ignorant about eternal values of righteousness, compassion, purity, mercy, patience, self restraint and forbearance, the essence of Sanatam Dharam.

According to a press note, he was addressing a religious congregation held to commemorate Bhagwat Gayan Yagya Evam Amarnath Yatra Samapan Samaroh at historic and heritage Ram Mandir at Purani Mandi here. Rana condemned the venom spilled by Tamil Nadu Minister Udhaynidhi Stalin of I.N.D.I Alliance in Chennai against the Sanatana Dharma, saying this speaks how low these politicians can go to realise their evil political aspirations. The Chief Minister’s son has exposed his ignorance about over 5000 year old Dharma, which is a way of life and stands for universal brotherhood, peace, harmony, tranquility and dignity of humanity, he said.

Rana expressed concern over targeting Sanatam Dharam for furthering appeasement politics. “The trend becomes all the more sinister and malicious when the self seeking politicians pick and choose the meaning of religious scriptures to suit their agenda. Such a distortion creates confusion in the society, which they actually want to create drift and divide among various sections of the society just for securing votes,”BJP leader said. He asked them not to test their spirit of Sehansheelta (tolerance) and mistake it as a sign of weakness. Sanatanis will stand for their Dharma with full might.

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