Revenue officials asked to maintain punctuality

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Revenue officials asked to maintain punctuality
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Information Department

Jammu, Sep 15: District Magistrate Sachin Kumar Vaishya today chaired a meeting with revenue officials, including Patwaris, Naib Tehsildars and Tehsildars.

The gathering addressed pressing concerns surrounding the department’s working.

DM Sachin Kumar Vaishya did not mince words as he expressed his grave concern over some negative feedback of the department and made it abundantly clear that the administration would adopt a strict stance against any form of corruption in the department. He urged all present to uphold a strong commitment to ethics and to expedite public application processes without unwarranted delays. He firmly asserted that any willful procrastination on their part would result in severe consequences.

In a display of forthrightness, the DM underscored the point that a few corrupt individuals could tarnish the reputation of the entire system and department. In a bid to ensure compliance, the SDM and Tehsildars were specifically instructed to monitor the adherence to these directives by their subordinates, particularly Patwaris.

“The Public Service Guarantee Act is a transformative instrument that directly benefits the public and its implementation must be ensured,” declared the DM. He went on to direct all revenue officials, with a particular focus on Patwaris and Girdawars, to maintain daily public hours from 10 AM to 12 PM at their respective patwarkhanas. He stressed the importance of creating an environment where the public feels accommodated and valued, insisting on punctuality within their offices.

 DM Sachin Kumar Vaishya called upon the officials to wield their powers with a sense of responsibility and a positive outlook. He did not shy away from addressing specific cases of misconduct, affirming that actions were already being contemplated against those involved. Furthermore, he promptly issued strict guidelines to discourage any deviation from established procedures.

 In a forward-looking statement, the DM emphasised that times are changing and the system is evolving to become more public-oriented and citizen-friendly. “In this new era, only honesty and diligence will be rewarded,” he concluded.

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