2 zone level online quiz competitions held in G’bal

Jammu and Kashmir Knowledge Network, Ganderbal organised two zone level online quiz competitions in collaboration with Chief Education Office Ganderbal.

The online quiz competitions were held for the students upto 8th class coming from seven different schools of Zone Kangan and ZoneGanderbal.

The first competition was participated by the students ofMiddle School (MS) Syed Basti Surfraw, MS Haknar, MS Yachihama, MS Mammer andMS Kullan.

MS Syed Basti Surfraw secured first position while thesecond position went to MS Haknar.

In the second competition, students from MS Kurhama, MSNarayanbagh, High School B R Pora and Sanik School Mansbal participated incompetition.

The students of Sainik School Mansbal could not attend thefourth round of the competition due to technical reasons.

Finally, MS Kurhama won the quiz competition while as MSNarayanbagh remained at second position.

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