State run by RSS: Er Rashid

Police on Wednesday foiled the protest march of Awami Ithihad Party (AIP) led by MLA Langate Er Rashid.
State run by RSS: Er Rashid
Photo: Mubashir Khan/GK

Police on Wednesday foiled the protest march of Awami Ithihad Party (AIP) led by MLA Langate Er Rashid.

The protest was against the right wing extremist parties including VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena for unleashing what the protestors called 'reign of terror against Muslims in Rajouri and desecration of a flag carrying holy Quranic verses.'

The protestors led by  MLA Langate, Er Rashid surfaced near Lal Chowk and started raising slogans against VHP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS.

Protestors marched towards Lal Chowk but were stopped by the heavy contingent of police who didn't allowed the protestors to proceed further, which resulted in scuffle between protestors and police.

Police used force to disperse the protestors and detained Er Rashid along with dozens of party workers and lodged them in Police Station Kothi-Bagh.

Earlier, Er Rashid told reporters that the behavior and attitude of "these fascist radical forces is unacceptable and Kashmiris cutting across political affiliations are committed to stand like a rock behind their Muslim brothers in Jammu."

"The government seems not being run neither by Mufti nor by any other political class but by these radical elements. On one hand every Muslim is being suspected as a militant but these fascist forces are being given free hand to train arms to Hindu students in Jammu region and this is the worst sort of State sponsored terrorism and should be treated as a warning shot for Muslims of the State," he added.

He said that not only those communal forces seem to be preparing a ground for another massacre of Jammu Muslims on pattern of 1947 but the possibility of creating communal tension in other parts of India cannot be ruled out.

"History is witness to the fact that even in that worst period in 1947 not a single Hindu was killed in Kashmir despite genocide of Muslims being carried in Jammu. BJP seems to have turned arrogant beyond all barriers and has forgotten that power comes with responsibility," he added.  

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