I don’t read newspapers anymore: Lal Singh

Mired in controversies, Minister for Health Choudhary Lal Singh Sunday said that he doesn’t read news papers anymore.
I don’t read newspapers anymore: Lal Singh
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Mired in controversies, Minister for Health Choudhary Lal Singh Sunday said that he doesn't read news papers anymore.

He said that some people are issuing statement to press to propagate that spurious drugs are in the market. "Theses persons are unaware what actually spurious drugs mean," the minister said.

He said that these persons should first enhance knowledge and then talk about the drugs. "I have issued directions to concerned officials to make the drug purchase process more transparent. There are no spurious drugs and the government is making the process of drug purchase more transparent," he added.

He said that he had stopped reading newspapers as there is only criticism, against the government. "I don't read newspapers in morning. There is only criticism and nothing else," he said.

Asked, how then he comes to know the grievance of people, he said: "People directly call me if they find any doctor absent from the duty or inform me about any other health related issue."

Asked, what people do who don't have his phone number, he said: "I today share it with people through you. They can call me on 9469811111 in case of any grievance."

Singh had come under severe criticism at several occasions and was in headlines due to his controversies. He has been in news ever since the formation of PDP-BJP Government for his controversial actions, one of them the alleged misbehaviour with a lady doctor.

Singh was also caught on camera while inappropriately touching a woman doctor at a government hospital in Lakhanpur.

On July 5, he has found himself in the middle of a controversy over his visit to GB Pant Children's Hospital without donning the mandatory infection-control gear—apron and mask.

Earlier, Singh, on his first visit to SMHS Hospital, allegedly 'pushed' some doctors for not donning their aprons.

At GMC Jammu too, a psychiatrist resigned when the Minister 'humiliated' her for not wearing the apron.

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