Daesh, ISIS don’t represent Islam: Geelani
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Daesh, ISIS don’t represent Islam: Geelani

The Chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Wednesday said individuals or the groups like Daesh, ISIS don’t represent Islam.

The Chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Wednesday said individuals or the groups like Daesh, ISIS don't represent Islam.  

Addressing a Seerat Conference at Hyderpora here Geelani said, "The individuals or the groups like Daesh, ISIS are killing the innocent people, which is totally averse to the teachings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW). These forces are the creation of the imperialistic powers and the anti-Islam forces who are working to engage Muslims in the name of Shias and Sunnis. Muslim world needs to understand these conspiracies and policies to counter the anti-Islam propaganda."  

Terming the role of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the entire Muslim Ummah as the vital and need of the hour, Geelani said, "This country was created in the name of Islam. If this nation will adopt the Islam at the state level, it will play a leadership role in the Muslim World and it will also end the present miserable condition of the Muslims all over the world. It will be a great favour to the Muslim Ummah."

Expressing deep concern and anguish over the rising graph of drug abuses, liquor consumption and immorality in the Jammu & Kashmir, Geelani said, "India under a planned manner wants to eliminate our religious and cultural identity to target our struggle."

 Expressing deep sorrow over, what he said, the conscience of those parents who send their daughters on the army sponsored tours, Geelani said, "This army is involved in hundreds of cases in Kashmir only and the people who handover their daughters in the hands of such forces should die of shame. These faults and weaknesses of our nation are pro-longing our journey of freedom. The people whom we vote and support have sold us and they have nothing to do with the national pride, honour, dignity and interests of the Kashmir."

Terming the ban on literatures of Syed Qutub Shaheed and Moulana Syed Abu Alla Maudoodi as unfair, Geelani said, "The pen should be answered with the pen and the people who are dreaming of defeating the pen with the force and gun are living in the fool's paradise and they will never succeed in their designs."  

Shedding the light on the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Geelani said, "The Prophet of Islam (SAW) is not for any particular community, race, tribe or any particular group but He (SAW) is the complete model for life for the entire humanity. He is the messenger of peace sent by Almighty Allah for the whole universe. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came with the message of peace, prosperity, justice, equality and brotherhood and He (SAW) taught us to fight against those people who believe in oppression and who forcibly enslave the human beings. Islam allows war only with a condition that it is fought to liberate the oppressed from the oppression and grant him the dignity and honour back. The Prophet (SAW) of Islam formulated the unique, eternal and firm laws of war that the killing of an innocent person is the murder of whole humanity and saving the life of a single human is the worth the protection of the whole humanity."

Others who also spoke on the occasion include Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai,  Ayaz Akbar, Moulana Bashir Ahmad Farooqi, Altaf Hussin Nadvi and Peer Saif Uallah. Agha Sayed Al-Safvi Al-Mousvi, Ghulam Ahmad Gulzar, Muhammad Rafiq Ganai, Raja Mehraj-ud-din, Muhammad Yousuf Mujahid, Nisar Hussain Rather, Mir Hafizullah, Ameer Hamzah Shah, Muhammad Yousuf Lone, Muhammad Shaban Dar, Tashauq Ahmad Banday, Shakeel Ahmad Yatoo, Ghulam Mohi-ud-din Andrabi, Ghulam Muhammad Khan Sopori and Abdul Rasheed Lone were also present on the occasion. 

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