Forces instilling fear among people: Mirwaiz

Chairman of Hurriyat (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today condemned thrashing of people across Kashmir by forces saying they are instilling fear among them.
Forces instilling fear among people: Mirwaiz
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Chairman of Hurriyat (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today condemned thrashing of people across Kashmir by forces saying they are instilling fear among them.  

"The Indian forces have deliberately gone berserk and are harassing people, beating them to pulp indiscriminately besides abusing them; be it in Bahrampora Sopore where the inhabitants of entire village were forced out of their homes and tortured or Hygam Baramulla where even women were not spared and shot at or the milk van drivers in Newa Pulwama. It is a deliberate attempt to instill fear in the people so that they accept subjugation to the Indian state and comply," Mirwaiz said in a statement today. 

He said indiscriminate firing of pellets on innocent children during the past more than 40 days was repeated again yesterday at Nawab Bazaar in which a small child Junaid Ahmad Khan was critically injured. "And it came from a nation that makes tall claims of Ahimsa," he said. 

The Hurriyat (M) Chairman decried continuous curfew, restrictions and curbs for the past over 40 days. "The raids by government forces and police, ransacking of household belongings, smashing of window panes, arrests and detentions, and injuring of men, women, children and elderly people with pellets and bullets were continuing unabated breaking all records of barbarism that even puts Nazis to shame," he said. 

Meanwhile, Mirwaiz expressed concern over blocking of intra-district movement of vehicles carrying essentials such as medicines, vegetables, milk etc to Srinagar city especially to Shaher-e-Khass and imposition of round-the-clock curfew terming it as "a revenge against people by the regime." 

"If the regime thinks it will weaken the people's resolve and they will be brought down on their knees, they (rulers) are living in a fool's paradise. In fact the more they repress the more we will resist," he said. 

"In this crisis situation each one of us has to redouble efforts to help and support each other in every possible way. The well-to-do of the society have to reach out to the poorer sections especially the daily wage earners, vendors, private salespersons and such others and assist them," he said. 

Elaborating, Mirwaiz said "the way people especially the youth rescued people who the then regime had left to at their own during 2014-floods and the way they helped in rehabilitation and offering support to the affected was a big lesson that we learnt in self reliance, resilience and fortitude which today is helping us to stand up against such might and tyranny." 

"The way journalists and employees' curfew passes are not entertained so that they (forces) could beat them up to pulp is deplorable."

Commending the volunteers in the present crisis, Mirwaiz said, "Our youth are our strength. In connection with the current embargo, a helpline by Darul Khair Mirwaiz Manzil has been set up. Those in urgent need should call at the mobile number. 9419017890," he said.

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