Government Degree College Hadipora Rafiabad (district Baramulla) was established in 2011.

Govt Degree College Hadipora has 2 rooms   

Government Degree College Hadipora Rafiabad (district Baramulla) was established in 2011. From its inception college functions from Government Higher Secondary School Hadipora Rafiabad in two roomed structure. The college lacks all the basic facilities. Leave the infrastructure aside; the Government has even failed to identify the land for its construction. By not starting the identification of land and construction work, Government is depriving people of Rafiabad of basic education facilities. There are more than 65 villages, towns of Rafiabad which fall within the catchment area for the college. 

The college has no electricity nor has any heating arrangements, neither for members of staff nor for the students. 

Students have to sit outside in open and when weather is inclement authorities are forced to suspend the class work. Not to talk of smart class room facilities and live video lectures, the college even lacks normal class room for students. The college is worse than a primary school/ an anganwadi centre, where even no toilets are available either for students or for the staff members. There is no laboratory, no library, no seminar hall, no co-curricular, no-extra-curricular activities and no facilities available for students. Due to non-seriousness of government medical, non-medical, commerce, computer science and other vocational, allied and add-on courses couldn't be started till date. Last year in 2016, government appointed two assistant professors in college, but due to lack of facilities and non-seriousness of administration they couldn't do anything.

Our children are denied admissions in other colleges citing that they have a college nearby, which is GDC Hadipora which even lacks space to sit. Our children are being punished for none of their fault and state government is unmoved. 

Majority of the people in Rafiabad want that government should form a high level committee, identify the land at any suitable location and start construction work of the college at the earliest so that the future of this far off area could be saved.


No one cares for poor 

The patient Farooq Ahmed Gujri was rushed to SMHS hospital in critical condition on January 25, 2017. The doctor recommended the ECG and left all the things on technician. In the process he suffered series of strokes and died. No doctor came forward to help the ailing patient. I tried pumping his heart but couldn't help him and doctors declared him dead.


Students appeal Education Minister 

A circular has been issued in which Aadhar card has been made mandatory for students but details of our Aadhar card do not match with school certificate. Aadhar cannot be corrected in a short span of time as its link is also closed. We request the Education Minister to look into the matter and allow us to fill up the forms without any formalities.    


Cats pose threat to patients at SMHS   

Presence of cats in hospitals has added a new chapter to our health care.  These days one can find cats roaming freely at SMHS hospital.

According to a research, one thousand people a day are infected with a parasite called Toxoplasma that is carried by the feline, as a result up to 70,000 people become ill every year. The parasite can cause birth defects, blindness and dementia and has been linked with diseases like schizophrenia and other psychotic disturbances. It is carried mainly by cats, as they are the only animals it can reproduce inside.

According to a research by the Food Standards Agency, it can be transferred on to the humans if they eat contaminated food.

In particular the study shows that some sheep have been exposed to parasite after coming in contact with cat faces, meaning that humans could be infected by eating an under-cooked lamb.

Humans are also at risk from food or water that has been contaminated with cats or from contact with cat litter. The parasite also poses a serious risk to babies in the womb. "The next time you want to cuddle up to a stray cat, better do a rethink."

In a first-ever incident of a feline-human disease transmission, cats have passed tuberculosis (TB) to two people in Britain. The infection was said to have passed to the patients during an unprecedented outbreak of the disease among cats in Newbury, Berkshire. This is the first documented evidence that the disease can spread from felines to humans. The British Veterinary Association has issued a warning that more people could catch TB from their pets as the disease is endemic in wildlife. "But in any case, be careful of stray cats as they are not vaccinated."

Arif Baba

Extend vacations 

We the students of kite polytechnic request the authorities to extend the winter vacations till weather improves in Kashmir.

Most rural areas are cut off due to heavy snowfall and it won't be easy for the students to attend the classes due to prevailing harsh weather conditions. So we request the Technical Education department to extend the vacations.


SBM employees suffer, higher ups unmoved 

We, the employees who were engaged under centrally sponsored Scheme Saakshar Bharat Mission on contractual basis in 2011, have received honorarium for 14 months only during the past six years. We have approached the higher ups on many occasions but the issue has not been resolved till date. Also there is no concrete job policy which could give a ray of hope to the engaged SBM employees. So the future of the employees seems bleak. We request the authorities to fulfill our genuine demands.

Riyaz ul Haq Shah


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