Is Anybody Listening?

This refers to the pathetic condition of the Old-Airport Road, especially the Rawalpora-Rangreth stretch which has been neglected by the authorities time and then.
Is Anybody Listening?
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The mess continues……

This refers to the pathetic condition of the Old-Airport Road, especially the Rawalpora-Rangreth stretch which has been neglected by the authorities time and then. The hardships faced by the residents and the commuters travelling to the Industrial Estate Rangreth which houses many industrial units, STPs and NIELIT as well, has been highlighted by the Greater Kashmir team umpteen times till now. But it seems that nobody is paying heed to our cries.

Current Drainage Construction: 

The current drainage construction have made our lives hell. The mess is ubiquitous. The condition of the road is taking a heavy toll on the commuters. The inordinate delay in repairs of the stretch is causing huge inconvenience to the commuters, resulting in frequent traffic jams. The uneven surface and potholes on the stretch pose risk of accidents. And many people were even complaining of respiratory problems because of the dust emanating from the unsurfaced road. Pertinent to mention that, the current drainage construction has badly affected the pressure of drinking water in our locality because the position of water pipes has been disturbed/displaced by the digging up of road. At most of the places, water keeps oozing from the road (Wanabal-Rangreth stretch) and the stones are dumped without even properly repairing the pipes. The PHE officials are missing from the construction site most of the time.

Bailey bridge 

The Bailey Bridge that connects Rawalpora and Rangreth with Bagh-e-Mehtab via Gulzarpora was damaged during the devastating floods of September 2014. It is in a bad condition and has been declared unsafe by the authorities. The bridge has got tilted in one direction and turned slippery, resulting in frequent accidents. Due to the compulsion in absence of any other connectivity, presently LMV's and two wheelers are using this bridge for travelling.


The meager amount of streetlights add to the pathetic condition of the Old-Airport road. After sunset this road gives a deserted look to dearth of street lights and it becomes difficult and dangerous for the various commuters/pedestrians to travel alone due to the street dogs which are on prowl. The street lights should be installed immediately especially from Wanabal Chowk to Rangreth because this 1.5 km stretch is without any streetlight and which will also facilitate the Namazis to offer the Fajar and Isha prayers on time and without any fear. Pertinent to mention that a news item was published in GK on June 17, 2017 in which it was mentioned that, "18000 streetlights to be installed in Srinagar: SMC". It seems that the SMC have forgotten to install streetlights on this vital stretch.

Sanat Nagar Chowk: 

The Sanat nagar chowk has become a point of chronic traffic jams especially at peak hours. The traffic lights doesn't work most of the times and then the traffic policemen are seen controlling the traffic manually resulting in confusion and traffic jams. One more thing which results in frequent traffic jam is the construction of the road divider upto the Goripora intersection road. The commuters going towards Goripora have to turn right which results in frequent traffic jams and many people take a U-turn at the end of the divider which aggravates the problem. The divider was constructed to streamline the traffic, but it is acting as a hindrance in the smooth movement of vehicles. And keeping in mind the huge rush of vehicles towards Rangreth, the Highway and the Government should consider the construction of flyover at Sanat nagar byepass chowk which will give a sigh of relief to the aggrieved commuters.


Currently there is no footpath on the Old-Airport road (Baghat Chowk-Rangreth), the lack of which poses immense threat to the pedestrians. The government should consider the construction of footpath at an earliest so that this neglected area gets something to cherish about.

At present the commuters suffer and the mess continues.

Mansoor Ahmad Badri,

Wanabal, Old-Airport Road

Kenihama residents appeal Naeem Akther  

We the residents of Kenihama and adjacent villages appeal Works Minister Naeem Akhtar to visit our area to see for himself the dilapidated condition of this important road which leads to the Srinagar-Jammu highway and famous Srinagar Railway Station. The said road is dilapidated, causing immense hardships to locals and commuters.

It will be in larger public interest to repair the road on priority.

It is to be mentioned here that our area was neglected always by successive regimes. Rather we had brought this important issue before concerned authorities and concerned MLA many times but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. 

Bilal Ahmad Tantary


Muddy potable water in KU residential campus

Hosteliers and residents in Kashmir University campus at Hazratbal are being supplied muddy potable water for drinking and washing purposes.

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