Revisit your strategies: Er Rasheed tells people

Revisit your strategies: Er Rasheed tells people
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President of Awami Ithad Party Er Rasheed on Sunday said that sensible voices should revisit their strategies and not play down the negative impact of huge election boycott.

Urging those who boycott the elections and call casting votes as betrayal from the cause, Er Rasheed said that "proxies of New Delhi including PDP, NC and PC have not only created traditional cadres and have full backing of state apparatus.

AIP is contesting election against all odds and is truly trying to make efforts to tell the world truth about Kashmir and Kashmir issue." He said that AIP promises to speak not only the truth but not to compromise on the aspirations, sentiments and sacrifices of people. Non-participation by sensible voices will ensure victory of murderers, exploiters and anti-Kashmiri forces.

There is a huge need to change the strategy to make world community and Indian masses heard and understand the reality about Kashmir issue.

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