Justice Masoodi demands Pahari tehsil for Kund, Qazigund

Justice Masoodi demands Pahari tehsil for Kund, Qazigund

National Conference leader and Member of Parliament elect Justice Hasnain Masoodi,   has demanded Pahari Tehsil for Kund Qazigund.

In a statement Justice Masoodi emphasized the need toinclude Kund area in State's developmental journey and bring ZiyaratNoor-ud-Din Bagdadi (R.A) on pilgrimage tourist map.

He said that Kund witnesses heavy snowfall and ispractically cut-off from rest of the Valley for most part of the winter andtherefore, the administrative machinery remains inaccessible to the inhabitantsof Kund area during most part of the year.

Masoodi demanded declaration of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din shrine atLadhoo and Wahab Sahab at Shar-e-Shali Khrew as pilgrimage tourism destinationsand improvement of facilities for thousands of pilgrims who visit two importantshrines every week.

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