RTIM organises sanitation drive at Doodhpathri

RTIM organises sanitation drive at Doodhpathri

To create public awareness about waste management, the Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement (RTIM) organised a sanitation drive at tourist spot Doodhpathri.

Scores of RTIM activists participated in drive andsensitized the visitors and the tourists at the famous meadow about theimportance of sanitation.  

The programme was supported by Doodhpathri DevelopmentAuthority (DDA), a statement here said.

Addressing the RTI volunteers, Chairman RTI Movement Dr RajaMuzaffarBhat urged them to continue the drive at other tourist places so thatpeople visiting these places get sensitized.

He thanked CEO DDA Khurshid Ahmad Sanai and his staff fortheir active cooperation.

"We appeal people who visit the tourist places to use carrybags to collect the waste they generate and not to litter it around. It isbetter if they get back waste with them and not dump it at the tourist places,"he said.

DrMushtaq Khan, General Secretary RTI Movement (RTIM)  in his address said that that RTIM iscommitted to work for ensuring waste-free tourist places. "In the comingmonths we plan to visit Aharbal, Yusmarg and Kokernag tourist spots toundertake similar awareness camps and sanitation programmes there," hesaid.

Earlier, the RTIM held its 2-day executive council meetingat Doodhpathri on 15th and 16th July wherein various organizational issues werediscussed.

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