Individual initiatives lend helping hand to people amid lockdown

Individual initiatives lend helping hand to people amid lockdown

Amid the ongoing lockdown in Kashmir, many persons have started individual initiatives to help students and other vulnerable groups across the region.

Taizeena Khan, a physiotherapist has started an initiativeof providing tips on ensuring healthy lifestyle during the lockdown, especiallyfor women.

She has created a group on Facebook where she disseminatestips and shares videos for women to help them deal with anxiety and healthissues.

"I shot videos about tips on exercises and put them in thegroup. I also go live on Facebook everyday in the evening to teach people onbreathing exercises and emphasise on exercises that would help people deal withrespiratory issues," she said.

"Despite low speed internet, I make sure to listen andprovide help to all the women out there. Patients in quarantine and isolationshould also engage themselves in some kind of exercises reducing theiranxiety," she added.

Teachers like Salim Mir are reaching out to students tocontinue their education at home.

"Our students have already suffered a lot during the pasteight months. I have taken an initiative of conducting online lectures andsharing data and study material among the students," said Mir, founder of"Commerce Guru Academy."

Mir said despite the internet constraints, he was usingGoogle classroom and conference calls to discuss and clear doubts of hisstudents.

"Anybody pursuing MBA or M Com facing any problem, I wouldbe happy to help them as well," he said.

Syed Ali, another teacher from Lal Bazar, has set up astudio where he shoots lectures and shares them with the students online.

He is also planning to invite teachers of different subjectsto help the students.

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