Indebted to frontline warriors fighting COVID19: JKAP

People should show sense of responsibility to win this war: Altaf Bukhari
Indebted to frontline warriors fighting COVID19: JKAP
File Pic of Altaf Bukhari

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) on Thursday expressed gratitude to all frontline workers including civil and police administration for their compassionate services in preventing spread of coronavirus.

In a statement the party chief, Altaf Bukhari observed thatthe relentless pursuit of frontline warriors especially healthcare workers tocare for those impacted by COVID19 exemplifies their commitment and dedicationto protect health of people in J&K and beyond.

"JKAP salutes all these warriors including doctors, labtechnicians, nurses, pharmacists, health and sanitation workers, ambulancedrivers, ward staff, other paramedical staff, policemen, media persons food andrevenue department officials, home delivery agents and other officials of thecivil and police administration who are providing basic necessities as partnersto knockdown the pandemic," Bukhari observed.

He said despite lacking in equipment, staff and protectivegears, the healthcare workers were serving the humanity selflessly. "And it isnot just about them. Every individual has a family to worry about, and it isthe same from the family's point of view. Apart from the doctors and otherhealthcare workers, our frontline heroes are putting themselves in harm's wayto do their utmost to save our lives," Bukhari remarked.

He appealed people to stay home and follow the healthadvisories in letter and spirit in order to cope up with dangers posed by thedeadly virus. "Faced with this unprecedented situation, JKAP believes that ifthe COVID19 outbreak is not effectively and promptly contained with the helpand cooperation of general public, it will inflict even greater harm to thelives, safety and health of many more people, and exert a severe impact on theeconomic and social development in Jammu and Kashmir like other parts of theworld," he opined.

The JKAP President however, remarked with optimism thecurrent difficulties posed by the COVID19 were only temporary. "If we all makeconcerted efforts with confidence and resolve and take a science-based andtargeted approach, we will definitely win the final victory in the all-outglobal war against COVID-19," Bukhari said.

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