Karan Singh condemns Nepal PM’s statement on Ayodhya

Karan Singh condemns Nepal PM’s statement on Ayodhya
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Senior Congress leader Karan Singh on Wednesday condemned the statement of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli who had claimed that the birthplace of Hindu deity, Ram was in Nepal.

In a statement, Singh, a former MP said, "The bizarre statement by Prime Minister Oli that Sri Ram was in fact born in a village in East Nepal and that our Ayodhya is only an artificial concept created by India is indeed mind-boggling. This outrageous statement will have hurt the sentiments of a billion Hindus living not only in India and Nepal but around the world."

"The statement could have been dismissed as the gymnastics of a distorted mind, except that it comes fast on the heels of Oli's unfortunate unilateral action regarding a territorial dispute with India. It would appear that he is trying to do whatever he can, even going to the extent of an absurd statement regarding Ayodhya and Sri Ram, to widen the distance between India and Nepal," Singh said

He said right thinking people in both the countries should be aware of this "ominous policy" and do whatever was possible to recreate the friendly age-old ties between our two countries.

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