NC opposes ferrying non-local laborers to J&K without COVID testing

NC opposes ferrying non-local laborers to J&K without COVID testing

National Conference on Monday expressed concern over ferrying of non-local laborers from outside to Kashmir without mandatory COVID19 testing.

In a statement, the party Additional General Secretary, Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said the ruling regime in J&K was busy in realization of misplaced priorities at a time when its prime priority should have been to fight the crises induced by COVID19.

"Far from congregating the efforts to combat the viral sprawl, the present ruling regime in yet another expression of brazenly dimwittedness is considering to ferry laborers from other parts of country to J&K," said Kamal. "We have always welcomed them with open arms, but this time the situation is completely different. Allowing such a massive interstate movement at this juncture will jeopardize the wellbeing of the laborers as well as the locals."

He said at a time when locals were being told to keep inside, what good will it do to ferry laborers from outside. "As such every viable activity has come to a grinding halt in this part of the world. The government has failed in its response to rise up to the exigencies of the COVID19 induced lockdowns. We have people hankering for basic medical facilities and other essentials. How will the administration cope up with the requirements of laborers, their ration, medical checkup, testing, when it has miserably failed to ensure it to the locals?"

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