KU students seek exams for current semester

KU students seek exams for current semester
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Students of Department of Management Studies, University of Kashmir (KU) have criticised the varsity's decision to hold exams for the previous semester, arguing they have been preparing for the current semester for all these months.

A group of students said the department issued the date sheet on July 27 for holding exams to previous semester for August 8. The students said they have been preparing for the current semester since May.

"It is shocking that the department suddenly issued the date sheet for the previous semester at the same time when students are attending online classes for the current semester," said a student, demanding the authorities should hold the exams for the current semester.

"The biggest and the most important concern for us is that our degrees are already delayed by a year. During these testing times when the University has specifically instructed the departments to ensure no burden on the students and make it easy for  them to complete their courses, our department has left no stone unturned to make it more difficult for the students and put unnecessary mental pressure on them," said another student.

The students have demanded that the exams should be for current semester and in case of exams for previous semester and backlog papers, the students should be evaluated on the basis of internal assessment.

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