‘BJP creating bogus narrative on J&K’s constitutional rights’

‘BJP creating bogus narrative on J&K’s constitutional rights’
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National Conference Additional General Secretary Mustafa Kamal Tuesday said BJP and "its ilk" was creating a bogus narrative on J&K's constitutional status by employing partisan, "foolishly abusive" and "sinister" statements to distraught history of J&K.

An NC statement issued here quoted Kamal as saying, "People of the country were told that Articles 370 and 35-A were impeding the growth and development of J&K. The NitiAayog reports suggested otherwise. J&K was doing better on nearly all HDI indices and in the field of development and basic infrastructure it was walking shoulder-to-shoulder with various other states. Contrarily since the state was unilaterally, and unconstitutionally downgraded to a union territory and shorn of its constitutional status, thing have turned really bad."

Kamal said the governance and development scenario in J&K had incurred a major hit.

"Even the reports of NitiAyog and other agencies corroborate the dwindling economic and development prospects of J&K," he said. "The much touted and blabbered development, employment extravaganza and governance are nowhere perceptible on the ground and on the contrary GoI has plunged the entire region of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh into chaos and uncertainty."

He said the rampant administrative inertia, development deficit, widespread unaccountability, rising rates of unemployment, agricultural distress, crumbling tourism had become new normal in this part of the world.

"BJP in a gambit to sell new normal and normalize the blunder committed by employing its team B, however, people have made it a point to not fall in their trap," he said. "The team B of the BJP and its other allies wanted the people of J&K should look beyond the Articles 370, 35-A. People in all the regions are all out for PAGD led by FarooqSahab."

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