Don’t let guard down against COVID19: MMU

Don’t let guard down against COVID19: MMU
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MutahidaMajlis-e-Ulema (MMU) Saturday asked the people not to let their guard down and take the spread of the coronavirus seriously.

A joint statement of MMU issued here said that the constituent organisations of the MMU comprising AnjumanAuqafJamia Masjid, Dar-ul-UloomRaheemiya, Muslim Personal Law Board, JamiatAhli Hadith, Jama'at-e-Islami, Anjuman-e-Sharia'nShian, Karwaan-e-Islami, Itihaad-ul-Muslimeen, AnjumanHimayat-ul-Islam, JamiatHamdania, AnjumanUlema-e-Ahnaaf, Dar-ul-UloomQasmia, Dar-ul-UloomBilaliya, AnjumanNusrat-ul-Islam, AnjumanMazhar-ul-Haq, Jamiat-ul-AimaWalUlema, AnjumanAimaWaMashaa'ikh Kashmir, Dar-ul-UloomNaqshbandiya, Dar-ul-UloomRasheediya, Ahl-e-Bayt Foundation, Madrasa Kanz-ul-Uloom, Perwaan-e-Wilayat, AuqafIslamiyaKhurramSarhama, AnjumanTanzeem-ul-Makaatib, Muhammadi Trust, AnjumanUlemaWaAima Kashmir and Karwaan-e-Khattam-e-Nabuwat International, headed by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq expressed dismay that people were not adhering to the precautionary measures laid down by the health experts regarding the global outbreak.

The MMU statement said that unless the pandemic was brought under control hopefully by the introduction of the vaccine, following precautionary measures was obligatory on all for their safety and the safety of others around them.

The conglomerate statement said that the new strains of the virus infecting people in some countries were found to be more powerful and transmit at a faster speed and so were more worrisome.

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