A decade on, under-construction dispensary lies abandoned

A decade ago the government authorised construction of an Allopathic Dispensary at Payerpora in Haihama area of Kupwara district, but once the skeletal structure for it came up the project was abandoned.
A decade on, under-construction dispensary lies abandoned

The construction of a double storey building for this dispensary was taken up in 2009, but the structure has been left to ruin after work on it halted for want of funds to complete it.

Now, a decadelater the building has started developing cracks and has become a center of'immoral activity' in the area for some, locals say.

"This is a biggest example of thepoliticians whose tall promises of development failed here in this far flungarea as they know that we don't make any outcry for its completion," said PayerMushtaq, a resident of Payerpora.

The possibility of an allopathic dispensaryin the area had generated a lot of hope among some 40,000 residents of Hayhamaand its surrounding villages like Shatpota, Gonipora, Batpora, Trumnad,Manzhar, Shatpora,  Hamandar andGilasdaji in the border area.

"Allopathic medicine should have a good usehere as being a hilly and backward area we are still with the old ancestralways of curing any disease or pain," Payer said.     

The cracking building for the dispensary hasbecome a constant reminder of administrative ignorance and neglect for therural people who must go miles away to Kupwara hospital for buying medicine.

"When the building for the dispensary wassanctioned in 2009, we had hoped for its completion in a couple of years, butnow 10 years have passed and the building is same as it was in the early phaseof the construction," said Rashid Ahmad, a local resident.

Officials say the dispensary is only oneamong many projects languishing in the district for lack of funds. "Around 1.5 crore rupeesare pending for the completion of this Allopathic dispensary, it is up to thehigher ups when they will release the pending amount accordingly theconstruction will be taken to completion," said Mufti Irfan, Deputy GeneralManager of Jammu & Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC), theagency responsible for construction of the dispensary.

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