Additional forces rushed to Kashmir in August start leaving: Officials

More than 50,000 forces (600 companies) were flown to Kashmir ahead of the Government of India’s decision of scrapping J&K’s special status amid fears of widespread protests.
Mir Imran/GK File Photo
Mir Imran/GK File Photo

The additional security forces which were rushed to Kashmir ahead of August 5 have begun to leave the region, an official said.

More than 50,000 forces (600companies) were flown to Kashmir ahead of the Government of India's decision ofscrapping J&K's special status amid fears of widespread protests.

To begin with, the officialsaid, at least four companies (4000 men) of Central Armed Police Force (CAPF)have already left Kashmir.

"These forces packed their bags on Sunday and left Kashmirfollowing improvement in the ground situation," the official said, wishing notto be named.

The official said the decision on withdrawal of more forceswould be taken in the days to come, depending on the overall situation andafter security reviews.

"There is a high level security review meeting scheduled inNew Delhi this week where the issues of withdrawal of additional forces wouldbe finalised," the officer said.

Kashmir reeled under uncertainty post abrogation of Article370, however, the situation remained by and large peaceful as no major law andorder situation was reported from any part of Kashmir.

Another official said while the forces faced "littlechallenge" on the law and order front, he said they were facing "quite adiscomfort" in the wake of plummeting of the mercury.

The central forces have been working in tandem with localpolice to maintain law and order post the abrogation of Article 370.

The ratio of central forces to local police in handling lawand order was much higher. Majority of the central forces that were inducted inKashmir were from paramilitary CRPF.

Theofficial said as and when situation improves, more companies would pack theirbags.

"It will happen graduallyand in a phased-manner after thorough consultations among security agenciesincluding Police and Army. Any call will be taken after a detailed securityreview and after thorough deliberations among the heads of security agencies,"he said.

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