Ahead of Assembly Session, NC presents memorandum to Guv Vohra

Ahead of the Budget Session of Jammu and Kashmir Legislature, State’s main opposition party National Conference has submitted a memorandum before Governor N N Vohra about the present political situation, “threats to the state’s constitutional identity”, unemployment, mis-governance and power scenario, besides “human rights violations in the state. “

The memorandum mentions various issues which, according to NC, Jammu and Kashmir state is currently facing.

Read the memorandum here:

1.   Threat to the constitutional identify of the State:

Jammu & Kashmir National Conference is of the opinion that the present Government has brought the State to a passé where the identity of the State and its constitutional status is being challenged and is under threat. The present dispensation has failed to protect the special status guaranteed to the State and its people under Article 370 and 35-A of the Constitution of India.

2. Political Situation in the State:

Jammu & Kashmir National Conference expresses deep concern over the worsening situation in the State and the continued political vacuum that has affected the State’s Human Rights situation, economy and growth adversely.

The already alarming level of alienation in the Valley, as evidenced by a sharp rise in militancy, has been further accentuated by repeated attempts to undermine Jammu and Kashmir’s unique political identity and the sentiments of the people. Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has been of the consistent opinion that the issue in J&K is that of a political nature and deserves a sustained, holistic and comprehensive political engagement.

There is a growing disenchantment and disillusionment across all regions of the State which is a matter of great concern.

Therefore, we reiterate our stand seeking a meaningful and result-oriented political dialogue with all shades of opinion.

3. Human-rights violations and civilian deaths:

The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference wants to register its disappointment at the State Government’s failure to prevent the loss of civilian lives despite repeated assurances of restraint and accountability in such cases. Recent killings of two young mothers in Kashmir during counter-insurgency operations is one such glaring example of the heart-wrenching nature of such tragedies. Not only has the State Government failed to prevent such atrocities, it has also utterly and completely failed to deliver justice in such cases. The sense of impunity that surrounds such incidents is thriving under the patronage of the State Government which has had little to offer apart from rhetoric. Therefore, we want to reiterate our demand for an immediate cessation to such atrocities and swift and effective justice in all such cases. The party is also concerned about the mass crackdowns and search operations where entire villages are ransacked and civilians subjected to harassment and humiliation. These acts add to the alienation and anguish on the ground and need to be stopped.

4. Unemployment:

Unemployment and Un-employability are two major challenges before the State. On both counts the Government has miserably failed. This has lead to discontent among the youth of the State which can have dangerous consequences and thus should have been a priority of the State Government.

5. Misgovernance, Nepotism and Corruption:

We want to express our concern over the state of chaos and disarray in the Administration. The State Government has failed to deliver the basic responsibilities it is expected to fulfil in the dispensation of governance in the State.  Governance deficit, corruption, nepotism, favouritism is the order of the day.

Governance deficit and erosion of all the institutions has become order of the day.The Government should be held accountable for its failure to govern and blatant instances of corruption should be exposed.

Transparency in recruitment is a casualty and is replaced by blatant backdoor appointments.

6. Power Sector:

The State Government has failed to deliver on its promise to ensure the return of Power Projects as per Rangarajan Committee Report. Infact the Government of India has refused to return the Power Projects on the floor of the Parliament, which is a major setback to the State.

The State is witnessing an unprecedented power-crisis due to the failure of the State Government to make key infrastructural upgradations and changes in the power distribution system well in time thereby causing great inconvenience to the people.

7. Non-availability of essential commodities:

The State Government has failed to ensure the availability of essential commodities and rations to the people of the State. This has resulted in unimaginable misery to the people, especially the lesser privileged sections of the society. This has been a regular feature of this Government’s insensitivity since the past almost three years. This needs immediate redressal as it concerns the dignified survival of the people.

8. Collapse of the Tourism Sector:

The State’s Tourism Industry is in a state of crisis and unprecedented recession due to the failure of the State Government to 1) Ensure an atmosphere of peace and stability and 2) Work with stakeholders in the industry to resuscitate the sector which/56h provides livelihood and succour to a vast chunk of our population. The State Government seems solely invested in working with a specific coterie of businessmen in the State while ignoring the crisis in general and also failing to take any concrete steps to address this situation. We demand immediate, concrete and effective steps should be taken to restore the Tourism Industry in the State without any further delay.

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