Ahead of Ramadhan, Advisor Khan interacts with religious leaders

Seeks their cooperation to fight COVID19
Ahead of Ramadhan,  Advisor Khan interacts with religious leaders
Pic: J&K Information Department

Lieutenant Governor's Advisor, Baseer Ahmad Khan today interacted with religious leaders, imams and khateebs of prominent masjids to seek their support and cooperation in fighting COVID19 pandemic in the Valley during the holy month of Ramadhan which is commencing later this week.

Advisor Khan stressed that in the wake coronavirus outbreak,it is the responsibility of every section of the society to adhere to theadvisory of the Health Department to pray at home during Ramadhan, an officialhandout said.

He asked the religious leaders to use their influence in thesociety and spread awareness about observing the social distancing norms toprevent the transmission of COVID19.

Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole, CEOWakaf Board, Secretary WAKAF Board, Joint Director Information Kashmir andvarious prominent religious leaders attended the meeting.

The Advisor said that the Government alone cannot fight theemerging situation unless public cooperates with the Administration in itsefforts to prevent and contain this pandemic.

He said that religious leaders have a crucial role to playin order to bring about a "positive behavioural change" with regard to thesignificance of maintaining social and physical distancing during this crisis.

The religious leaders assured their full support to theAdministration in the efforts to combat COVID19 and unanimously resolved not tohold social and religious gatherings till the advisories are in place. Theysaid that religious places have been closed to avoid any mass gathering.

Religious leaders during the interaction also highlightedissues demanding regular supply of electricity during the holy month ofRamadhan, home delivery of essential commodities in vulnerable areas andreaching out to the people who are in need of essential supplies.

The Advisor assured them that there will be no powercurtailments during Sehri and Iftaar hours in the holy month of Ramadhan andassured the participants that the Government would leave no stone unturned toreach out to the last person, and sought public cooperation for better resultsin the fight against the deadly virus.

He said that he had set up helpline desk in his office toredress all issues, grievances, complaints and other matters related to Covid19management.

He asked all concerned to ensure there is no publicgathering at any religious place and directed taking strict action againstpeople who are found violating the norms to prevent the transmission ofCOVID19. He asked Wakaf Board that they may also carry out inspections toreport any violation to the Divisional administration.

Speaking on the occasion, Divisional Commissioner KashmirPandurang K. Pole also asked the religious leaders to spread awareness in thecommunity and said that the concerned departments would share advisory with thegeneral public on important matters of public health.

He conveyed that information and health bulletins aboutimproving and maintaining immunity during the holy month would be shared withthe people to fight this disease.

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