Apni Party concerned over frequent power outages

File Photo of Gh Hassan Mir
File Photo of Gh Hassan Mir

Srinagar, June 10: Senior vice president of Apni Party Ghulam Hassan Mir on Saturday expressed his deep concern over the frequent power outages in most of the areas across Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement he said that unscheduled power cuts not only cause inconvenience to the general consumers, but it also affects the irrigation of farms and orchards as lift irrigation stations become non-operational due to the lack of electricity, a press note issued here said.

Mir said that despite their substantial electricity bill payments, consumers get the required power supply in neither cities nor rural areas.

He said, "Sadly, the government is failing to ensure the required power supply to the consumers in Jammu and Kashmir. Unscheduled and frequent power outages in both metered and non-metered areas cause immense problems for the people, especially the farmers and orchardists who have difficulties ensuring timely irrigation of their fields and orchards. This is the crucial time for the farmers and orchardists, as failing to provide sufficient water to paddy fields and orchards at this stage will inevitably have adverse effects on the crops."

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