Apni Party holds party convention at Konibal Pampore | Altaf Bukhari appeals people to vote in assembly elections

Apni Party holds party convention at Konibal Pampore | Altaf Bukhari appeals people to vote in assembly elections
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Srinagar, July 15: Apni Party (AP) President Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari has urged people to exercise their right to vote in forthcoming assembly elections in J&K, to ensure the traditional politicians and exploiters are kept at bay from taking the benefit of poll boycott.

He was addressing a party convention at Konibal Pampore on Friday.

According to a press note, Bukhari said the election boycott eventually damages the public interest. He said, “We must understand the fact that in a democratic system of governance people are empowered by their right to vote, thus people must use this right to ensure their participation in the governance.”

Bukhari added that not only that the people should use their right to vote, but they also must ensure they use this power wisely.

Giving the reference to the past, Apni Party President said, “We have seen how the election boycotts have ultimately helped the self-interested politicians who exploited people for their monetary and political gains.”

He further said that when people do not exercise their voting right, they automatically dis-empower themselves by giving free hand to the traditional politicians to manipulate the whole electoral exercise.

“The traditional political parties and the so-called leaders would like you not to vote because they get benefitted by the poll boycotts. Therefore, this time, people must come out to cast their vote in the assembly elections when they are held in near future,” Apni Party President said, and added “to ensure good governance, the participation of the people is of utmost importance.”

He maintaining that the Apni Party is the best alternative for J&K people to vote for. “The prevailing awful situation in J&K is evidence of the misgovernance of the traditional political parties who remained at the helm in the state for years and decades in the past. They deceived and misled you in the name of emotional slogans. By doing this they got empires for themselves but brought miseries, deaths, and destruction to the common people,” Bukhari said.

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