Apni Party holds public rally in Shopian’s Wachi constituency | Altaf Bukhari concerned over surge of social evils in Kashmir

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Apni Party holds public rally in Shopian’s Wachi constituency | Altaf Bukhari concerned over surge of social evils in Kashmir
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Shopian, Mar 19: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Sunday expressed his concern over the rising social evils —especially the drug menace— in Kashmir Valley.

According to a press note, he blamed the protracted phase of the violence and “gun culture” for the menace and urged people to work for the protection of ethical values to safeguard the young generation from these evils.

He was addressing a public rally in the Wachi constituency of south Kashmir’s Shopian district today. Before coming to the rally venue, Bukhari, accompanied by party leaders, paid obeisance at the revered shrine (Ziyarat Sharief) of Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) in Wachi.

While addressing the rally Apni Party leader expressed his concern about the rising social evils. He said, “Unfortunately, the Valley has faced a long phase of violence — over the past more than three decades starting from the early 1990s— which eventually, harmed society to its core. We have lost our traditional values over this period of time. It hurts me to see that a large number of our young boys and girls have fallen prey to drug abuse across the Valley. This is something we must be worried about and do something to eradicate this menace and protect our youngsters.”

At the rally venue the residents of Wachi apprised Apni Party leader about the public issues, mostly related to infrastructure deficit and official inefficiency, and requested him to help them to get these issues resolved, the press note said.

On this, Bukhari assured people that he would do everything to ensure the public issues and grievances are resolved as soon as possible.  He said, “We are not in government, thus cannot do much about these issues yet. However, I assure you that I will bring these issues into the notice of the concerned officials for the quick redressal of the problems. And, if we get the public mandate in the upcoming elections, I promise you that we will take a series of initiatives to ensure that all the major issues that the people of Wachi are facing are resolved swiftly.”

He reiterated that Apni Party will continue its efforts to ensure the detainees are out of jail. He said, “As I have said this time and again that Apni Party strongly believes that the young people who are presently behind the bars must be given a chance to restart their normal life. We are committed to pursue the cases of these detainees and try to get them out of jails,”Apni Party President said.

Bukhari appealed to people to use their vote sensibly in the forthcoming assembly elections. He said, “I am told that hundreds of households in this constituency do not get potable water supply to their homes, and I wonder what the leaders who you have been electing in the past, have done for this area. You must value your vote and elect your representative wisely. The person, you elect to represent you must serve you, resolve your problems, and must be accountable to you.”

He promised that Apni Party will give the mandate in the elections to someone who is trustworthy for the people of Wachi. He said, “You will select the person who must represent you in the Govt.  He or she must have integrity and must be trustworthy for you.”

Bukhari extended his gratitude to the people for participating in the daylong convention.

On this occasion, the party’s Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir said that the past rulers have failed to harness the potential of Wachi constituency. He said, “Had this beautiful place been brought to the pilgrimage tourism map, the situation in terms of economic growth of this place would have been far better.  We have a revered Muslim shrine and a historical temple here. This place deserves to be brought in the religious tourism map. And, I promise you that if Apni Party gets a mandate to serve the people, we will put Wachi on the pilgrimage tourism map so that it will bring more employment opportunities and economic dividends to the local population.”

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