Apni Party welcomes PAGD decision to contest polls

‘Alliance exposed for political doublespeak’
Apni Party welcomes PAGD decision to contest polls

Apni Party spokesman Javaid Hassan Baig Sunday welcomed the decision taken by the signatories of Peoples' Alliance of Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) to contest the upcoming DDC polls.

In a statement issued here, Baig said the pronouncement had, however, completely exposed the political doublespeak of the alliance that until now was desperately exploring an alibi to make itself relevant in the recent turn of events.

"All the parties in this alliance knew the ground realities but were just trying to find ways and means to hoodwink the people while aiming at grabbing power," he said.

Baig said it was only the Apni Party that had taken an unambiguous and explicit political stand since the last year's developments that changed the political landscape of J&K.

Baig said the Apni Party never indulged in giving false hopes to the people but always stood firm for its pragmatic demands at all forums available in the country.

"We never showed the moon and the stars to the people and still believe that there are only two top institutions – the Supreme Court and the Parliament of India – that have the power to restore the special status of J&K while the rest is all political gimmickry, which we don't believe in," he said.

The Apni Party spokesman said the signatories of PAGD had joined hands not to protect and defend the identity, autonomy and special status of J&K, as they claimed, but to cover up each other's follies and to prevent each other from an imminent blame game for participating in elections.

"Let me inform all the signatories of this opportunistic alliance that there are no takers for their hollow sloganeering and political gimmicks in J&K. Their renewed efforts to portray themselves as a unified front has further disenchanted the public who once again feel ditched by these parties by taking their political aspirations for a ride," he said.

The Apni Party spokesman said that the political doublespeak of this alliance was not palpable and people should reply their lies as they deserve.

"People are fully aware that PAGD is only a self-serving attempt by these parties who have utterly failed to provide safeguards to J&K's special status during their tenures in power," Baig said.

He said that these parties had always focused on the cosmetic of electoral politics and seldom or never articulated a morally forceful argument on behalf of the people of J&K to protect their special privileges enshrined in the constitution.

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