Baramulla-Shumlaran road suffers extensive damage due to heavy rainfall

Baramulla-Shumlaran road suffers extensive damage due to heavy rainfall
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Baramulla, May 24 : The residents of Shumlaran Kandi in north Kashmir's Baramulla district have urged the Baramulla district administration to take immediate measures to repair a damaged road that poses a significant threat to human lives.

The Baramulla-Shumlaran road has suffered extensive damage due to recent heavy rainfall, making it risky for commuters. The locals said that the road near a shrine at Shumlaran has caved in and has formed a dangerous slope that poses a potential threat to vehicles passing on it.

"It is extremely dangerous to operate vehicles on this road," said Muhammad Iqbal, a resident. He emphasised the urgent need for authorities to intervene and order immediate repairs to ensure public safety.

The Kandi belt of the Baramulla district, which includes Shumlaran, is known for its susceptibility to landslides. The other slide-prone villages in the area include Rajpora, Thandakasi, Lateefabad and Khodpora.

Recently around 20 structures suffered damage in the rainfall causing huge losses to the affected families.

Ghulam Hassan, a resident of Shumlaran, expressed deep concern over the safety of students who rely on school buses for travel.

"Scores of school buses are operating on this road, transporting them to different schools. The damaged condition of the road can be dangerous to the school-going children," said Hassan.

He said, "God forbid if a school bus slips into the slope created by the road damage, it could result in fatal injuries. With continuous rainfall, the road has become muddy too, further widening the risks."

The local residents of Shumlaran have now appealed to the Baramulla district administration to prioritise the repair of the road.

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