Benefits of development will reach all sections of society: LG

Benefits of development will reach all sections of society: LG
Photo: Jammu and Kashmir Information Department

Srinagar, Oct 4: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Monday said that the government was putting in every effort to ensure that benefits of development reach all sections of society.

Addressing the PanditDeenDayalUpadhayaySmritiVyakhyan online conference organised by Research and Development Foundation for Integral Humanism, the LG said that today's transformation in every sector of J&K had brought economic strength to march towards a golden future.

“We are making every effort to ensure that benefits of development reach all sections of the society. We have accelerated efforts to improve physical infrastructure in J&K. Special schemes for youth and women to contribute to sustainable development,” he said.

Paying tributes to PanditDeenDayalUpadhyay and Syama Prasad Mookerjee, the LG said that they were the visionaries who laid the foundation for the complete integration of J&K with the nation.

He said that after the integration, strengthening of PRIs was one of the major steps taken in J&K, which had ensured greater participation of the people in the developmental activities.

The LG said that the delivery system of welfare programmes had been made more effective with accountability and transparency in the government machinery.

“I express my heartfelt gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who for the first time in 2019 straightened the decades-long reverse cycle and also sowed the seeds of justice, liberty, equality, social democracy, and good governance for all the citizens of J&K, realising the dream of PanditDeenDayal and Shyama Prasad Mookerje,” he said.

The LG said that for 73 years, people in J&K were deliberately deprived of their genuine rights.

“Some people established a system for their personal and political benefits only,” he said. “Within two years, the difference can be seen on the ground.”

Speaking on the reforms being introduced by the present dispensation taking development in J&K to new heights, the LG said that the future of any region could be seen in policy governance and the aspirations of its people.

“We are making committed efforts to bring back J&K’s lost glory of knowledge and women empowerment. In the last one year, the government has worked on women empowerment in a planned manner with programmes like Hausla, Tejaswini, Umeed, LG Super-75, Parwaz, Mumkin, Saath and many more providing opportunities for women in every field,” he said. “It is my firm belief that the progress of J&K, which is the crown jewel of the country, will be fully in line with the dreams of the great men who fought for its complete integration.”

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