Black Fungus case successfully operated last year, another ‘strong suspect’ admitted at GDC Srinagar: Dr Naveed Nazir

Dr Naveed Nazir Shah [Source; Twitter/ @naveednazirshah]
Dr Naveed Nazir Shah [Source; Twitter/ @naveednazirshah]

Amid reports about Jammu and Kashmir reporting the "first case" of Mucormycosis or "Black Fungus" at GMC Jammu, Head of Chest Disease Hospital, Dr Naveed Nazir Shah Sunday said that one case of the fungal infection has already been "successfully operated" last year while another "strong suspect" is admitted at Government Dental College Srinagar.

Taking to Twitter this afternoon, the top pulmonologist who has been at the forefront at the fight against COVID-19 in Kashmir, quoted HoD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at GDC Srinagar saying that a COVID-19 recovered patient, who was also diabetic, had been successfully operated at the hospital.

As per the HoD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the GDC, another strong suspect, also a COVID-19 recovered patient and a diabetic, is admitted there, Dr Naveed said.

"As per HoD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery GDC Srinagar they have already successfully operated one case of mucormycosis in Nov 2020 and another strong suspect case admitted with them.. both post covid and diabetics, " Dr Naveed wrote in a tweet while putting a picture of the surgery done on the Black Fungus infected person.

Dr Naveed further clarified that Mucormycosis was not a new disease and "neither is contagious".

"We just need to avoid self medication like steroids, identify high risk patients and keep blood sugar under control, " he wrote in another tweet.

Interestingly, J&K had reported a purported first case of the fungal infection on Friday at GMC Jammu.

A 40-year-old man, who had recovered from COVID-19, died the same afternoon at the hospital.

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