Blinding of 3 teenagers by pellets barbaric: Hurriyat (G)
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Blinding of 3 teenagers by pellets barbaric: Hurriyat (G)

Hurriyat Conference (G) today termed as “barbaric” the “blinding” of three teenagers by pellets at Ruhmu Pulwama in south Kashmir.

Hurriyat Conference (G) today termed as "barbaric" the "blinding" of three teenagers by pellets at Ruhmu Pulwama in south Kashmir.

In a statement, Hurriyat Conference (G) spokesperson said "tall claims of ministerial heads to be seriously concerned about the education of our youth, is nullified by the ruthless killings and blinding of these girls."

"How can these liars face the grief stricken parents of hundreds of innocents, from Insha to Ifra, as they continue to cripple our coming generation for the lust and greed of their power," he said.

While giving the details of the incident at Ruhmu Pulwama, the spokesperson said that "in the village army and police started house to house searches and resorted to the brutal and inhuman beating of people. When villagers protested against this high handedness and hatred of rogues in uniform, who started pushing their triggers to convey the clear "date sheet" to these young girls on to where and when they have to get operated."  

Referring to the continuous spree of gutting the educational institutions, Hurriyat said that "even those, who claim to belong to the religious families, resort to the untruly rhetoric of deceit and lies, just to safeguard their ministry and keep themselves in good books of Sang Parivaar, only to divert the attention from the basic issue and ground realities."

"Blaming the pro-freedom leadership for such unsocial acts, these foul smelling mouthpieces of the brutal oppressive regime, have once again stooped too low to be even talked about. They, after being hand in glove with the Saffron brigade, have waged a war against the people especially Muslims. Otherwise everybody here knows that in the thick of night either police and armed forces roam around or those faceless politicians who represent them, as in broad daylight their wicked and cruel faces may invite public bashing and banging," the statement said.  

"Who else is responsible, other than these killer forces, in destroying residential houses and ransacking the belongings of the people and burning of harvest crop during night. Hurriyat has always said and today also forcefully reiterates its stand and a clear position that those involved in gutting the schools, Bank robberies, thrashing of innocent people or any other unsocial activity can never be a well wisher of the movement, and these acts of grave human and social disrespect are dangerous and venomous for the movement. We believe that this is the handiwork of the government agencies and frustrated pro-Indian political elite as this only profits them," the statement said.  

"The present killers have flooded this valley with these armed forces to strengthen their autocratic and unjust rule and to lodge them they crafted a well-nit conspiracy in such a cunning way that not only common man. But every mindful and sensible individual cried with their throat full voices to ensure safety of schools, thereby killing many birds with one stone," he said.  

"These cheap and mean parasites of our blood and flesh deprived our kids of their schools, to malign and tarnish the image of present uprising, they wickedly blamed pro-freedom leadership. Above all in the name of security they provided this killer force accommodation in these schools, enlighting new generation with the real essence of the education as a long cherished goal of worthy, ducated, noble, pious and God fearing Education Minister. The nation as a whole is aware of these multi-faced punks and their sinful and loathe politick and hopefully our people will not repeat past blunders which these stooges take advantage of," he added.  KNS

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