BOSE Again: Student awarded 16 marks instead of 76

JK Board of School Education (BOSE) doesn''t seem to have learned any lessons from its past mistakes.
BOSE Again: Student awarded 16 marks instead of 76
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JK Board of School Education (BOSE) doesn't seem to have learned any lessons from its past mistakes.

The Board announced the class 10 results on January 10 and has asked a good number of students as "Re-appear." One of the students, Umar Fayaz Lone, a student of Public Higher Secondary Tujer Shareef in Sopore was asked to re-appear in Urdu subject. Umar was given 16 marks, E2 grade, in Urdu while as in rest of the subjects he was given A1 grade.

"This came as a shock for whole family when we saw A grade in all subjects and E2 in Urdu," said Sajad Ahmad, one of the family members of Umar.

A few days later, Umar applied for Xerox copy of his answers script.

After being provided with a Xerox copy, Umar was shocked to see that he had obtained 76 marks in the paper. "We were surprised to see this. We can't believe that the BOSE officials can be negligent to this extent," Sajad said, adding that BOSE has not learnt from the past mistakes. "This is pathetic on their part. How can they be so careless in carrying out the evaluation process? They are least bothered about the sensitivity and emotions of students."

A student declared as "re-appear" or "failed" has to pay an amount of Rs 180 per paper to get Xerox copy of his answer script while as fee for re-evaluation is Rs 355 per subject.

"Why should one unnecessarily pay if the student has already qualified the exams? Why should they charge us for the negligence of their own evaluators," Sajad asked.

He said instead of charging money from people BOSE should identify the concerned evaluators who commit these mistakes. "Such negligence can prove deadly for a student who is confident of having qualified the exams."

Despite committing such 'blunders' BOSE is now delaying the results of these students who have applied for re-evaluation and have qualified the exams as per the Xerox copy.

"The unfortunate part is that BOSE is not ready to accept its mistake and are delaying the results which will prove costly for the students," Sajad said.

He said Umar, who was earlier given E2 grade in Urdu despite obtaining 76 marks in the subject has to apply for admission in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for his future courses.

"But the inordinate delay by BOSE will mar his future and he won't be able to apply for admissions there," he said, adding that the last date for submission of forms there is February 15. "And the students have to submit the hard copy of their marks sheet as well."

Chairman BOSE, Zahoor Ahmad Chat, said that they will fix the responsibility if the mistake was done by BOSE evaluator. "It is our responsibility to find the mistake. We also refund the money to students in case they qualify the exams after assessing the Xerox copy or in re-evaluation process," Chatt said.

He however ruled out any delay in declaring results of these students saying they were still receiving the applications from the students.

"We have given the time for students to submit their application for re-evaluation or Xerox. There is no chance of any delay," he added.

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