Bramsat Gujjar area has no road for 2 kms

Bramsat Gujjar area has no road for 2 kms

Inhabitants of Bramsat Gujjar area of Wader Bala, Rajwar in North Kashmir Kupwara district Wednesday had to ferry a patient on shoulders to nearby hospital due to the lack of road connectivity to the area.

"We have to go by foot for two kilometers to reach thenearest road," a local Niyaz Ahmad said.

He said: "Our miseries are increasing day by day in theabsence of a road."

The village is around two kilometers from the main road andhas remained deprived of basic facilities, locals allege.

"In morning my mother was suffering from pain and she wasnot able to walk. We took her on shoulders for two kilometers where we put herin a car and took her to the nearby medical facility," said Khursheed Ahmad alocal villager.

Locals appeal to the Governor administration to look intothe matter.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Handwara Gulzar Ahmad saidthey should file an application and accordingly action will be initiated.

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