Civil rights of citizens need to be protected: Arif Laigaroo

Civil rights of citizens need to be protected: Arif Laigaroo
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Srinagar, May 20 : People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ex -youth secretary and constituency in-charge, Habba Kadal, Arif Laigaroo in a statement has expressed concern over “the increasing use of surveillance and harassment tactics against citizens in view of the G20 summit in Srinagar.”

He added that reports of house searches without due process or reasonable suspicion are unacceptable and have no place in a democratic society.

The PDP leader said," The government must strike a balance between security and rights. There needs to be cooperation between the government, law enforcement and local citizens to make the event successfull. It is important that citizens remain vigilant in protecting their rights while recognising the significance of the G20 summit. Together, we can ensure that the summit is a success.”

"While we must remain vigilant about the potential violations of rights, we must also recognize the importance of the summit in addressing global issues and promoting cooperation among nations. As residents of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our city and its culture to the world," Arif Laigaroo said.

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