Congress chief architect of Article 370 erosion: Vakil

‘NC, PDP leaderships pursuing deceptive politics’
Congress chief architect of Article 370 erosion: Vakil

Peoples Conference (PC) senior vice- president Abdul Gani Vakil today said Congress party was the chief architect of the erosion of Article 370."

 "It is strange that Omar Abdullah is making somuch noise about the restoration of Sadr-e-Riyasat and Prime Minister postswhile his party is allying with a party which not only denigrated these postsbut also is the chief architect of the erosion of Article 370," Vakil saidwhile addressing party workers at Naribal, Sutharna and Baman areas of Rafiabadconstituency.

Blaming NC for eroding article 370, Vakil further said,"During decades of NC rule, through 47 amendments the special status of J&Kwas eroded and now the same party is shedding crocodile tears to appeasevoters".

"The leadership of bothNational Conference (NC) and People's Democratic Party (PDP) are pursuingdeceptive politics. How can people expect the fulfillment of promises fromthese leaders who have been making false promises to them for decadestogether?," Vakil said.

"If National Conferencereally means business, then they should impress upon Rahul Gandhi to announcethe restoration of pre 1953 position," he said, adding that "Since NC andCongress are in alliance, they should get the top Congress leadership tosupport their demand for the restoration of Prime Minister and Sadr-e-Riyasatposts. Otherwise it is simply a poll gimmick which cannot fetch him any morevotes because people understand that he is playing to galleries just to seektheir votes."

Vakil said, "NC's wrongdecisions at critical times have led to death and destruction in Kashmir andthe present uncertainty is the outcome of sell-outs by its (NC) leadership tosafeguard their family interests."

Vakil said, "If PC comes to power, they will issue a whitepaper on constitutional position and erosions which will expose NC and bringits real face before public."

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