Congress victory imminent in south Kashmir, claims G A Mir

Congress victory imminent in south Kashmir, claims G A Mir

Says, his party would bring Kashmir back on development track

,Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president and its candidate for Anantnag parliamentary constituency Ghulam Ahmed Mir on Friday assured people that his party would bring Kashmir back on development track.

"As the people of southKashmir have rejected the double standards and opportunist politics by PDP andNC, the Congress's victory from south Kashmir is imminent," G A Mir said whileaddressing series of public gatherings at Khrew, Ladhoo, Satpokhri and Lethporain south Kashmir's Pulwama district.

He said, "Both PDP and NCare trying their best to exploit and mislead people to garner support in southKashmir but the political scenario in the state especially in south Kashmir haschanged. These parties would not be able to mislead people even after beatingthe drums over sensitive issues."

Mir appealed to the peopleof Shopian and Pulwama not to be carried away by what he called "hollowslogans" of both PDP and NC, whom he said, were equally responsible forstrengthening BJP- RSS from time to time. "It is also evident that both NC andPDP are still helping BJP in Ladakh by jointly supporting independent candidateto divide secular votes," Mir said.

 "We assure people that the party would put anend to the intimidation, mass arrests and torture of innocent people. Congressparty is committed to ensure overall development, safety, security, besidescurbing the menace of unemployment in the state. It is the ultimate goal of theparty to restore confidence among the people of Kashmir," he said.

 "I can understand the anguish and agony amongthe people of Shopian and  Pulwama whohave suffered immensely in every respect due to the anti-people policiesadopted by previous PDP led government besides dictatorial attitude of centralgovernment, that is seen more concerned about their political mileage ratherthan the wellbeing and security of the people," Mir said.

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