COVID-19 vaccination reduces death chances, says NHM J&K; cites 28 days’ ‘analysis’

It further said that delayed testing and hospitalization also tend to be more fatal.
Image source: Twitter/ @NHMJK5
Image source: Twitter/ @NHMJK5

Ninety-three percent people from a group of 806, who died of COVID-19 in Jammu and Kashmir between April 15 till May 12 had not received any of the two jabs against the deadly disease while the rest 7% had received only one thereby "clearly establishing that vaccination hugely reduces chances of death," government data have claimed.

"93% of COVID +ve critical cases who died in this period (April 15-May 12) were unvaccinated, 7% were partially vaccinated – Hence clearly establishing that vaccination hugely reduces chances of death, " the J&K wing of the National Health Mission tweeted on Friday.

Lack of vaccination apart, the NHM J&K data claimed that delayed testing too tended to be more fatal.

"46% of deaths occurred within 3 days of Testing +ve thus indicating that they were well into late stages of infection before they got tested. So, DONT BE IN DENIAL of your symptoms and get tested immediately so that treatment could start early, " it explained.

Besides, delay in hospitalization also increases chances of higher mortality, the government data said.

"49.37% of total deaths were those who arrived just <=3 days before in the hospital. So, DONT SELF MEDICATE AT HOME, reach ur nearest triage hospital as soon as Oxygen level dips below 90," NHM J&K wrote on Twitter.

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