Delay in Darbar ‘bad exhibition of bureaucratic attitude’: Prof Soz

File Photo of Saifuddin Soz
File Photo of Saifuddin Soz

Senior Congress leader Prof Saif ud Din Soz on Monday expressed disappointed over the inordinate delay in shifting of Darbar move to summer capital Srinagar and termed it a "bad exhibition of bureaucratic attitude".

According to statement issued, Prof Soz said, "It never happened before a hundred fifty year old practice of Darbar Move (Moving offices from Jammu to Srinagar) became a flawed practice this year.

A section of media and certain civil society members have interpreted that the delay in Darbar move wrongly due to Coronavirus which is absolutely wrong".

He said, "How could Coronavirus delay the Darbar move. It was certainly due to the mood of some senior bureaucrats, who exhibited their authority by delaying the move of their offices to Srinagar.

It is a development in which none of the political parties in the J&K UT participated".

"It is holy bureaucratic exercise of authority (Afsar Shahi Ka Bhonda kartab). All that happened was that some senior officers decided to make it only 4 moths stay in Srinagar.

Now, the political class of the UT could tell the bureaucratic, "We have taken notice of your authority; " it said.

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